Health Warranty

Health and safety

health warrantyYour puppy comes with a (1) year HEALTH GUARANTEE that covers congenital health defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.
This HEALTH is void if you fail to meet any of its terms and conditions.
You must notify seller immediately if your puppy becomes ill, does not eat well, or shows any other signs of distress for a period of 15 days from the date of purchase.
You have seventy two (72) hours from the time of purchase to have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian.
If your puppy is found to have any life threatening or genetic defects, you must notify seller immediately and provide to seller a written veterinarian's statement that includes the complete diagnosis of the puppy's condition within 48 hours of diagnosis. We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by another veterinarian of our choice and/or require you to have specific tests run on the puppy to verify the diagnosis. If the puppy is replaced, it will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as available and only after the puppy and all papers have been returned (in satisfactory condition) to seller in My unless seller determines a refund is more appropriate. You are responsible for providing all transportation and transportation related costs of transporting puppy/puppies.
Puppy must not be euthanized without prior written approval from the seller or this guarantee is void.
You understand that the following slight defects are not considered life threatening and therefore are not covered--hernias, undescended testicle, under or over bites. Because a luxating patella or collapsed trachea can be caused by injury, they are not covered if they are not discovered during your veterinarian's initial examination.
You understand that your puppy will only be replaced if health problems are life threatening and are attributed solely to a hereditary problem and are not due to accident or injury.
In case of death, I understand that I must have a necropsy performed by a State Laboratory, at my expense to determine the cause of death. My puppy will be replaced or refunded, only if the death was caused by a covered genetic problem or an illness which my puppy had prior to the time of purchase.
Kennel cough and other communicable diseases are not covered after your veterinarian's initial examination. Failure to follow the veterinarians recommended medical advice and/or treatment will void this guarantee.
Seller is not responsible for any veterinarians bills unless previously agreed to in writing by seller.
Seller does not guarantee the size, color, hair length, texture, temperament and/or house training abilities of your puppy.
Seller does not sell its puppies for breeding purposes and no refunds will be given for conditions that affect a puppy's ability to be bred.
Not covered--internal or external parasites, hernia, cherry eye, undescended testicles, under or overbite, injury, allergies, heat exhaustion, or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is preventable with good care and feeding.
Refunds will not be accepted. Only will be accepted when the above circumstances apply
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