Characteristics of English Buldog

temperament english bulldog

Adaptability  3

Adapts Well to Apartment Living3

Good For Novice Owners4

Sensitivity Level4

Tolerates Being Alone3

Tolerates Cold Weather1

Tolerates Hot Weather1

All Around Friendliness  3

Affectionate with Family5

Incredibly Kid Friendly Dogs4

Dog Friendly2

Friendly Toward Strangers5

Health Grooming  4

Amount Of Shedding3

Drooling Potential5

Easy To Groom5

General Health4

Potential For Weight Gain5


Trainability  2

Easy To Train3


Potential For Mouthiness2

Prey Drive2

Tendency To Bark Or Howl4

Wanderlust Potential1

Exercise Needs  3

Energy Level2


Exercise Needs3

Potential For Playfulness4