5 Steps to Crate training and house breaking your Pug or English Bulldog

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Many of our customers from Tampa, Melbourne, Fort Myers, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and many others from around the world have ask us the same question about their English Bulldog or about their Pug.

How to start the process of a create Training and housebreaking of your new puppy, your new family member, especially when they are an English Bulldog or a Pug. Believe it or not, there are certain trick that we have learn over the years and that we are are pleased to share in this new blog:

So, let’s talk about housebreaking and crate training.

What is needed to achieve the objective? Two basic elements:

1. Patience, and:

2. Authoritative manner

Mixing these ingredients, you can teach your dog, puppy, pet, especial one, family member, English Bulldog or Pug exactly where he or she should eliminate and where he should not.

The recipe: 5 key actions

1)  the key to success is simple: timing is everything.

2)  take your puppy outside immediately after eating, playing or napping. Keeping this rigid schedule will prevent him from making mistakes in the house.

3)  also using command are very helpful like “ potty time” or “go to the bathroom” at the moment your pup is correctly doing his business outside.

4)  puppy’s behavior will let you know that he needs to go outside. if he whines, paces, or runs in a circle, grab the leash and get out the door.

5)  mistakes happen! if you catch your puppy eliminating in the house and he will - correct him with a firm, gentle ‘NO’ take him for a walk and praise him lavishly when he does his business outside.

Please give us your feed back and let us know how it went.

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